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About us

iKen Scientifica is a Mexus Education initiative, an education innovations company. We aim at creating futuristic education models based on affordable technology and engaging content. We focuses on understanding, sim plifying and popularising the design and technology methodology of learning and understanding.

Our Mission

  • To provide students with tools of learning that help them understand and enjoy their lessons better
  • To transform education into a fun-filled, innovative and student-friendly activity
  • To bring together education and entertainment to make it interactive and interesting
  • To deliver high-quality educational content which is available anytime and anywhere
  • To be the world’s leading education innovations enterprise and pioneer many more innovations year after year

We have following models that impart the design and technology method of learning and discovering:-

iKen Scientifica Lab is a concept that introduces design and technology in school curricula to make studying fun and playful through the use of simple components, an Inventor’s Guidebook and the i-Invent book of inventions. It ensures that children learn to explore, experiment and evolve through the concepts learned in conventional classroom set ups.

iKen Scientifica competition is a global competition for classes four to nine designed to promote hands-on learning, technology and design by introducing children to a wide array of concepts

iKen Scientifica breaks the barriers between theoretical and practical science by bringing concepts to life through hands-on learning using innovative toys and real life scenarios. It familiarises students with technology that is conducive to scientific learning and improves their investigative, analytical and critical thinking abilities.

And this elaborate movement to change how educational models work is run through a large and fast spreading network of partners and associates.

Participate in this expedition and discover the genius within.

iKen Scientifica through the years