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IKen Scientifica is India’s largest science and technology competition started in the year 2007. It is a concept that inlays a platform where a child can experience the real essence of science and its existence in a unique competition setup. This unique competition, which is open for students of class 4th to class 9th, helps in developing design & technology approach towards solving practical life problem and brings out the creative side of learning science. Being a competition of global scale, IKen Scientifica is a confluence of diverse ideas and talents across the globe. Hands-on is the key attraction of IKen Scientifica because learning is best when it comes by doing things! Read more...

What’s new in iKen Scientifica?

-IKen Scientifica is India’s largest hands-on science competition started in the year 2007

-In past seven years, this international competition had over 5, 35,000 participants from 17+countries

-This is not a run-off-the-mill written competition. By inculcating practical approach it helps children understand science by experiential learning

-To be updated about next season of Iken Scientifica, click on pre-registration and give your details.


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